Memory Puppala Positions Relations And Network

Ram Ok Puppala occupies the positioning of Chief Technologies Officer of ACI Worldwide, Inc. During the past Mr. Puppala busy the position regarding Chief Technology Officer of State Avenue Global Exchange (US) LLC and Main Digital Officer for Metropolitan Commercial Loan company. Mr. Puppala acquired an undergraduate degree from your University regarding Pune and a good MBA from DURCH Sloan School involving Management. Ram Puppala is usually made up of yearly Foundation Pay and Bonus deals. ACI WORLDWIDE INC income statements for executive base pay and bonus happen to be filed yearly with the SEC throughout the edgar data system. ACI WORLDWIDE INC annual studies of executive reimbursement and pay are most often found within the Def 14a documents.

As Chief Technology Officer at ACI WORLDWIDE INCORPORATION, Ram K. Puppala made $3, 032, 439 in total settlement. Of this complete $410, 000 was received as a salary, $650, 1000 was received because a bonus, $0 was received throughout stock options, $1, 899, 996 has been awarded as share and $72, 443 came from other types of settlement. This information is definitely in accordance with proxy transactions filed for typically the 2022 fiscal yr. The chart about this page comes with a breakdown of typically the total annual pay out for Ram E. Puppala, Chief Technologies Officer at ACI WORLDWIDE INC as reported inside their proxy server statements.

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