Civil Guard Definition and Facts

Civil Guard, nationwide police force involving Spain, organized along military lines in addition to charged with policing rural areas, frontiers, and highways. Academia de guardia civil , national law enforcement officials force of The country of spain, organized along military services lines and engaged primarily in maintaining buy in rural regions and in patrolling the frontiers along with the highways. Formerly (until 1986) commanded by the lieutenant general of the army, the City Guard is now headed by a new civilian director-general, plus it is mutually responsible to typically the Ministry of the Inside and the Ministry of Defense. It absolutely was created in 1844, and its initial accomplishment was the particular suppression of brigandage in southern Spain.

In its services of successive governments the Civil Safeguard combatted, as forms of sedition, the organization of labour and republicanism and came up to be viewed by the peasantry as a possible instrument of oppression by the particular state. In northeastern Spain a practice associated with resentment persisted straight into the 1980s inside the Basque and Catalan regions, where typically the Civil Guard compared advocates of autonomy or separatism.

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